), and second stage polishing on hard metals, such as stainless steel, steel, etc. We added your inquiry to this thread about the composition of buffing compound. Although grit size is one important parameter for polishing, there is a lot more to it than that, including what the abrasive is made of: aluminum oxide, emery, chromic oxide, tripoli, etc. This is one of the most important steps of plating and finishing industry but in our country it is the most overlooked upon since one has to all the dirty work. I tried using a lot but currently unable to get the desired results. Q. I want to know the composition of buffing compound for stainless steel, what its demand is all over the world, and what is its scope in future. Most satin metal finishes can be achieved with anywhere from 60-120 grit size media. }); I am awaiting your reply for opening my new polish material shop. Q. Steel & Stainless Steel 100g Metal Polishing Compound 3pc Kit - Pro-Max. I am currently working in metal polish formulation. RFQ: I am manufacturer of metal polishing and buffing compound in India. Hello from Connie McCollum. All information presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author's employer. Sorry it's dried up on you, but you'll never find exactly what solvents were in it. The primary ingredient is normally an extremely fine aluminum oxide powder blended in some form of fatty compound. Thanks. Best of luck. 07 $13.74 $13.74. C $59.19. The basic abrasive most commonly used for stainless steel polishing is green chromic oxide. Included in the range are two 'cutting back' compounds- Fastcutcard (grey) and Tripolicard (brown), along with the two compounds for the 'high gloss' polishing effect- Sscard (white) and Ssxcard (light green). new LazyLoad({ What is really at "the base of it" is this: buffing and polishing is not something you can practically do with a single bar of compound for the same reason that you don't dig the foundation for a skyscraper with a tea spoon, nor try to put the coffee in your percolator with a steam shovel. ALT-S12 Medium-High Pressure Cut and Color Liquid Tripoli Formulation (60-% Cut and 40% Color for Stainless Steel) Tripoli Bar Compounds. A. Hi Connie. You might also try to obtain a hard copy of an earlier edition of that book because earlier editions have coverage by different authors so you will gain multiple perspectives. Our specially formulated Stainless Steel Polishing Compound has been especially designed to finish stainless steel to a high luster mirror like finish. Exact formulations, as had been mentioned here and elsewhere by Ted as well as others, are proprietary or Trade Secrets. I am already manufacturing many different compounds with set formulation. A. Hi cousin Vinod. Electrolessly polishing the ID of a small stainless steel tube 2007. A. Hi Reshmi. Thank you for your quick response to my question. I need a way to Recycling of polishing soap that have broken down and are not useful. I am looking for an emulsifier agent that can make a milky emulsion canola oil in water? Okay. Most of the Alumina Paste products contain animal products, most often part of the grease binder. I want to know the perfect formulation of chemicals used for polishing and buffing stainless steel and aluminium. I'm not from the polishing or metal finishing industry. How Google uses data when you visit this site. Ricky walks you through to steps of getting your grimy old oxidized stainless steel looking brand spanking new again! Plus what should be ratio of binders? ALT-S7 Color Liquid Tripoli Formulation … but we can't delete this outdated RFQ without causing broken links. Compounds are formulated to work in or at a certain temperature range. Common applications - Iron, steel and stainless steel. window.addEventListener("load", function(){ As you can see, polishing is a whole technical discipline with some people devoting their entire careers to it. Buffing compounds are made of tightly-sized abrasives held together with glue or grease binders. I would like to chemically polish the inside diameter of a 0.030" ID stainless steel tube, about 2-3" long. Good luck! Choose from a range of colors including brown, green, orange, red, white, black and yellow. So what we now do instead is put RFQs onto one of these four pages and roll them off when filled or dated: Q. I'm working in industrial workshop. Your customers are not likely to be able to polish & buff with a single type of bar, but will probably need a number of different grit sizes. I need a suggestion which chemical like green chrome can give blue shining. Good luck. Green Rouge Buffing Compound is a premium, semi-wet, coloring, buffing compound bar that can create a high luster on almost all metals. It might be foolish to invest your own money to open a shop based on internet advice from strangers :-) Steel / Stainless Steel Nonferrous & Tripoli Rouges & Jewelry Plastic & Acrylic Greaseless. 4.2 out of 5 stars 521. Tripoli powder, pictured below for example, is an abrasive product that along with the other formula's ingredients allows the buffing wheel to polish a metal surface. ALT-S9 Medium-High Pressure Color or Bright Finish Tripoli Formulation. PRODUCT NO. Use with loose-leaf buff; 1/4 Lb. A. It's normally uncommon to find it as the sole abrasive in any commercial compounds for such applications. Can you please say me the formula of chemicals used for the above process. Quantity, Stainless steel Polishing Compound Usage and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Q. I needed an expert's advice on polishing compounds. "text": "#237afc" Was: Previous Price C $62.30. The combination wouldn't be suitable for hard metals such as chrome-based alloys, which requires very fine, hard materials such as chromic oxide powders. What is the significance of Color of abrasives? Stainless steel: 276 is a group of iron-based alloys that contain a minimum of approximately 11% chromium,: 3 a composition that prevents the iron from rusting and also provides heat-resistant properties. Q. bol pol™ W heels and Polishing compounds are all m anufactured in the UK to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standards. Metal polishing compound is a kind of special soap bar with black color used for polishing, buffing and smoothing surfaces of steel and stainless steel. A. Hi, Nurul and other readers, I am a small business man from TN. A.T.B.S. Black polishing compound is a coarse compound for first-stage, rough-cut preparation that removes visible scratches, pitting, rust and debris from iron, steel (including stainless) and softer metals like copper, brass and aluminium. I am doing wood burning and it is recommended to use green polishing compound to clean the tips. Green made of Chrome Oxide. Are there products that are free of animal products that could be used to polish Stainless Steel? So how does the grease content in compound affect final finishing? The color of the polishing compound is almost always a byproduct of the natural abrasive ingredients. Common practice is to sweep in one direction for steps 1, 3 and 5 (if applicable) and in the perpendicular direction for steps 2, 4, and 6 (if applicable) because this allows seeing that all scratches from the previous step have been removed before proceeding. C $47.10; Buy It Now +C $13.58 shipping; From Japan; HIGH SPEED METAL STEEL BUFFING BUFFER POLISHING COMPOUND POLISHER POLISH KIT SET. Consult'g, Train'g, Software Environmental Compliance. Even still, some manufacturers dye the abrasive bars to help you visually insure that it has all been removed before subsequent operations. You will not get more abrasion faster or smoother than using one or the other. GRADE: DESCRIPTION: 515-6140 #12 “CUT-RITE” STAINLESS STEEL COMPOUND (DRY) A dry grade of compound with a very fast cutting action achieved through fine but sharp cutting abrasive particles blended in the formula. I would not recommend using Ferric Oxide on stainless steel primarily to avoid contaminating a corrosion protected metal with ferric oxide. Too coarse an abrasive selection would mean you never stop putting substantial scratches into the workpiece, and too fine an abrasive would take forever and a day to do a heavy cut. } If you are looking for free public help, did you follow the previous advice and read the two chapters in the online version of the Metal Finishing Guidebook as I suggested? Heavy Cut Compound. elements_selector: "iframe" The Green Rouge is known as an all-encompassing coloring bar able to buff brass, copper, iron, nickel, platinum and steel, but, it is particularly effective at coloring up stainless steel and aluminum. Naturally the less liquid the thicker the polish. Which mineral can be used to get a good result for removing initial heavy scratches from a stainless steel surface? The binders can be solid or semi-pasty at room temperatures. "background": "#fff", Yellow Ochre with 100 grit size. Some are dry and some are oily. A fair amount of aluminum oxide, whatever the forms, are normally incorporated as well. I don't actually know how to formulate polishing pastes, but I do know that the purpose of the abrasive is to 'scratch' the surfaces. Thank you Mr. kenton. When it comes to solid bars, most use a form of grease to bind rouge but you can use glue products. This polishing buff is an excellent general polishing wheels, can be used for first stage polishing on soft metals (such as: aluminum alloy, brass, copper etc. I want to start a small scale of bars used for polishing and buffing stainless steel. There are a lot of other minerals out there that can abrade S.S.; however, normally aluminum oxide is the most common, the hardest and about the least expensive -- that is why it is used most. Thanks. I'm using about 5% of White Aluminium Oxide (200 mesh) and mixed with Silitin and found a lot of small scratches during polishing compared to silitin alone. Green Polishing Compound. Josco's range of compounds allows you to select the correct compound/buff combination for your job. Add to Cart + Add to My List. Both these compounds have abrasive particles of same grit. Also I understand that to satin metals the solid abrasive compound should be greaseless. 4.4 out of 5 stars 18. Silica with 200 grit size. A. Hi Abhinav. May you please tell me which greaseless binder should I use? 2. Is there any option how to reduce the scratches? Discover over 261 of our best selection of Polishing Compound Steel on AliExpress.com with top-selling Polishing Compound Steel brands. C-15GC Color Tripoli Bar Compound for Stainless Steel, Brass, Nickle and Aluminum, Commitment to Quality / Environment / Safety, Thank you for visiting AmericanTripoli.com. If yes, then what is the benefit of silica in compound? Q. Hi A. Hi cousin Sajad. Listed below are a few of our more popular compositions. Q. Hi I am a piddler which means I do little projects. Frequently, two compounds are not enough and you need three or four stages -- sometimes even more. Product Overview. That was my first time visiting this site and I'm very impressed with the knowledge of the people who ask questions and the responses given. If you could suggest few items, I could well try that. Marketing studies about current demand and future demand for product lines like this are generally offered in the $50,000 USD range; I doubt that you'll get any actionable info from your posting, but here it is, and best of luck. Q. I have 2 polishing compounds. -12B Cut Tripoli … A. T.B. 2. Please download the book today because one of these days it probably won't be available anymore. Thank you. We do not know a good performing abrasive rather than aluminium oxide. The larger the media size the coarser the surface finish. A. Hi Nurul. In addition, depending on the products from different suppliers, fillers and other property modifiers such as calcium carbonate, silica (both amorphous and crystalline forms), kaolinite, etc are usually present. So I want to know how can I up the quality of soap by adding something to the liquid? Amazon.com: stainless steel polishing compound. A. P 527 Yellow for Super Finish. Different kinds of abrasives are used for finishing various materials such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic and wood. window.cookieconsent.initialise({ Metal Polishing Compound Electropolishing For Stainless Steel & Copper Metal. How are you going to use abrasive? A. Hi Amit, the previously mentioned article in the Metal Finishing Guidebook, which can be read right now at no cost, spends 8 pages explaining when and why to use solvent based vs. water based, liquid vs. solid, etc. Again thank you. It's normally uncommon to find it as the sole abrasive in any commercial compounds for such applications. If you need a product/service, please check these Directories: Jobshops Capital Equip. 2002 but continuing through 2019. Steel & Stainless Steel 100g Metal Polishing Buffing Compound Green - Pro-Max. Sale! A. Hi Amit. $12.07 $ 12. Good luck. Thank for any help. It is possible that the green is made of chromic oxide (suitable for polishing stainless steel) and the red is emery not suitable for stainless because it induces rust. This is a premium compound, capable to give supper high gloss and long lasting mirror finish to a work piece. Also wanted to know which bar should I use for cutting and pre polishing on stainless steel? It can be used on any surface of Stainless steel, brass, aluminium, copper, zinc, gold, silver, wood, painted surface. Metal Polishing Compound Chromium polish Formula. ALT-S7 Color Liquid Tripoli Formulation. SSX compound achieves a high-polish finish on copper, brass, stainless steel, and steel. You will get a measurement of the rougher abrasive but you may not get an even visual appearance of it. Please start by at least reading the "Buffing & Polishing" and "Buffing Wheels & Equipment" chapters in the Metal Finishing Guidebook so you have an understanding of how to select abrasive materials and different abrasive sizes, and what the characteristics are of stainless steel and aluminum which will help guide those choices. 4 oz. }, The one I have is sort of dried out. 10.5" x 2.25" x 2" - 3 Pound Black "Magic" Buffing Compound is a fast acting super effective buffing compound designed for stainless steel. If we use a freshly made compound and a compound which is comparatively older than the previous one, will the effect differ. Is there a reason you can't just buy the already formulated polishing paste instead of having to buy all the individual commodity components? Hope it helps you! Kerosene might or might not loosen it up, but do that only outside because of extreme flammability, of course, and be mindful that a hot woodburning tip can therefore be trouble. Digital version & Install'n Chemicals & Consumables Buffing compounds do have "shelf lives", probably mostly related to evaporation of solvents from the binders. ALT-S2 Medium-High Pressure Cut and Color Liquid Tripoli Formulation for Brass, Aluminum and Automotive Mirrors, Hubcaps and Bumpers Because here no amount of marketing helps. The problem might be that the mesh/grit size is too low for the fineness of the finish you are trying to offer. I will go buy some more to prevent any problems. What I understand that as grit size is same so polishing effect need to be similar. All abrasives media comes in different sizes. What is the impact of color of compound? Silica fades away very quickly which we do not use. We doesn't provide stainless steel polishing compound products or service, please contact … --Rama. T.B. Q. A. I have been polishing metals for some time, and I make my own polishing compound. I have gotten Mirror-like finish in SS by using 700-800 g chrome oxide (green powder), 150 g paraffin, 150 g tallow stearine (or stearic acid). These usually are petroleum-based waxes and some fatty acids. These are suitable for removing deeper scratches, not for buffing to a mirror finish. Steel or stainless steel buffing compound is composed of various grades of aluminum oxide abrasive combined with the appropriate amounts of fatty acid binders to produce "cut", "cut and color", and "coloring compounds". The basic abrasive most commonly used for stainless steel polishing is green chromic oxide. We have a lot of options available but what should be the base of it? Q. Hi A. You'll need softer materials which should crumble during polishing if that's the only size range available. Any white metal like Stainless Steel. A. Hi cousin Mohd. But this reduces the quality of soap. Q. I wanted to know if there is any other alternative than aluminium oxide that can provide a better cutting result? As mentioned, polishing involves several stages from coarsest for scratch removal to the finest for the finish. new LazyLoad(); Prevent scratches on metal with this Green polishing compound $ 4 99. You can try fused alumina, but you need a particle size below 10 microns, otherwise you won't have a perfect bright mirror like surface. And why kerosene is even used after using polishing compounds? note: Sorry Gentle Readers, I would suggest, instead, getting some new green compound (it's quite cheap) and keeping it in a tightly sealed jar or wrapping it with saran wrap. I've got 2 polishing compounds one Green and Red. Q. Hi, I am in polishing compound manufacture; right know I am using green chrome, but it gives yellow shine. 4” bar – approximately 110g. Thanks. For this job, I liquify them with heat, and again format them to soap. If so, please post your inquiry as an RFQ so that we can share your contact info with the readers. Red made of Ferric Oxide. This great quality Pro-Max Green Steel and Stainless Steel metal polishing compound is a medium abrasive compound used for second stage finishing on Steel and Stainless Steel. Our specially formulated Stainless Steel Polishing Compound has been especially designed to finish stainless steel to a high luster mirror like finish. These do not interact with the base metal to produce undesirable discolorations on such surfaces. How can you soften a very hard green polishing compound? I am looking for some consultants or some books on the same topic which can help me in designing new products. Hard alumina particles passing a 200 mesh sieve approximates 74 microns, which is not too different from what is found for the finer portion of hydraulic cement powders. C-15G Color Tripoli Bar Compound for Stainless Steel The life after the package is opened is much shorter than while the packaging is still sealed. Thank you. Could you suggest us on that. Green Rouge Aluminum and Stainless Steel Buffing Compound. stainless steel polishing compound wholesale, buy stainless steel polishing compound from 105 stainless steel polishing compound suppliers from China. (No longer published, but a copy is on Academia.edu)Download it before it disappears. Q. I see many different metal polishing compounds in market. A discussion started in I want to understand when we are mixing compound with different grit size, then what is the impact on finishing. "button": { If you tell us your situation, i.e., what you are trying to finish and what finish you need, it's possible that a reader will offer specific advice on which abrasives to use. In regards to the last question about mixing. Cut - Steel and Stainless Steel (2) For Polishing to a Food Grade Finish, Mirror Finishing Paste (1) Lapping, Honing and Grinding Valve Seats, Gear Teeth, Dowel Holes In Dies, Bushings, Flat Surfaces On Seals and Castings, Machining Parts, Shafts, Knives and Cutting Blades (11) Please comment. Q. Hi all, And don't know how to manufacture it, I know some ingredients. bol pol™ Grey Bar – S84 ( Animal Free ). Stainless Steel and Other Metals, Non-Toxic Formula, 4.5 Ounces, 1 Pack. Not sure what you are looking for here. } Polishing and buffing is usually a several/many step process because you cannot get to scratch-free without a very fine grit, but trying to get a rough surface smooth with a very fine grit would take the better part of forever. This compound is versatile and is capable of buffing steel, brass, iron, and other metals but is particularly effective at cutting and coloring stainless steel. It does gloss optimization and removes micro scratched. Hardness of the metal also affects the finish. So you start with however coarse an abrasive you need to remove the largest and deepest grinding or handling scratches in a practical amount of time, and you end with however fine an abrasive you need for the degree of final buffing you seek. A. The main issue with us always has been these compounds. No. ALT-S9 Medium-High Pressure Color or Bright Finish Tripoli Formulation Matchless' line up of cut, color, and cut/color polishing compound formulations is second to none; over the years we have developed and refined thousands of bar and liquid formulations. bar. Use with a sisal buff or orange airway buff. Get it as soon as Fri, Jan 15. This is mostly just book knowledge, so readers are welcome to expand upon it or correct me. May you please tell me which is the abrasive and grain size to satin metals in a fantasy manufacturing shop? Both of what you have are very fine low cutting compounds and used normally for final finishing where polishing and low cutting is needed. Only the product speaks. stick; No waxy residue; Specifications Specifications. If the media does not break down, it is not a good abrasive. Because buffing compound bars are a commercial product rather than a home-brew affair, you won't see much about their exact composition in technical articles or on the internet ... but I believe you will be able to find some info in expired patents.

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